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Head Start Staff at the Farm!

At the very end of last month, Head Start brought out every teacher, teacher’s assistant, and member of the family advocate team to the farm. We were delighted to have them for three hours in the beautiful fall sunshine! The purpose of this outing was to allow everyone to remember the farm (or meet it Read More »

Head Start Family Day 2021

Saturday the 18th was our annual Head Start Family Day at the Farm! The day is held so that Head Start families can come to the farm before our fall field trips begin. That way, parents and guardians can see what expenses is child support covering,with the help of Maryland child custody attorney for men, Read More »

Fall 2021 Classroom Visits

As we prepare for our busy fall of Head Start field trips to the farm, we farm folk paid a visit to each of the Head Start classrooms. First, we wanted to introduce ourselves and our farm. Besides just showing our faces and smiling under our masks, we accomplished this by reading our farm story Read More »

Head Start Summer Camp (Part II)

Our Head Start summer camp is done for the year. We had such fun with our littlest farm visitors! If you haven’t already, take a look at Part I of our summer camp blog to see what we did in the first half of summer (click here to read that post). Or, continue reading here Read More »

Head Start Summer Camp (Part I)

Head Start is back on the farm! We are just so excited to have our littlest friends back exploring our woods and loving our animals. Each of the two classes of Head Start summer camp has been coming out once a week to have some fun with us.  Day 1 Morning The kids arrived at Read More »

Teacher Spotlights!

Since we are unable to be face-to-face with our Head Start preschoolers during this time, we have been relying heavily on their teachers to be our proxies. Each and every teacher has made room in their weekly schedule to share our farm mail and farm trunks with the kids. We are so grateful for the Read More »

More Distance Learning Videos

As most of our usual groups still aren’t able to come to the farm due to Covid, we continue to make distance learning videos to bring the farm to their classrooms. Previously, these videos were exclusively made with our Head Start preschoolers in mind, but these days we have expanded to making videos for older Read More »

Farm Trunks Update

Our farm trunks have been circulating in the Frederick County Head Start classrooms for seven weeks now, and the consensus is clear: everyone LOVES the farm trunks! Each week, we are inundated with photos and feedback from the teachers. We love to hear which trunks are early favorites (and which trunks aren’t quite so great Read More »