Teacher Spotlights!

Since we are unable to be face-to-face with our Head Start preschoolers during this time, we have been relying heavily on their teachers to be our proxies. Each and every teacher has made room in their weekly schedule to share our farm mail and farm trunks with the kids. We are so grateful for the time and energy these teachers give our distance learning initiatives.

A few teachers have gone above and beyond by offering us feedback and regularly sharing photos and videos of the kids interacting with our farm mail and farm trunks. Without these dedicated educators, we would have no clue how our farm trunks are being received by the classes. We are so thankful for each of these amazing teachers! To offer a small thank you to these ladies, we have collected some kind words from their coworkers and students. Read each teacher’s spotlight below 🙂

Amalia Mera-Gallo

“I would have to say that Mrs. Amalia is an excellent teacher! She really cares about the children and families she has. She communicates with her families and works with them to make sure the children in her class are learning to the best of their abilities. She makes sure the children are engaged in learning and enjoy being in school.” – Corrie, teacher

“Loving bilingual teacher, dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment, gets along with everyone” -Nina, family engagement coordinator

Susan Stevens

One of our newest staff, builds great relationships with children and families, easy to get along with, very positive” -Nina, family engagement coordinator

I would just like to say working with Susan has truly been a blessing. I have showed her everything I know and she has taught me some things as well. She really has a big heart and you can tell through her work and the love she has for these kids. I am truly glad to be a part of her team. She’s truly amazing.” -Miss Kristen, classroom aide

From her students:

“She takes care of us”

“She doesn’t make us go outside by ourselves”

“She lets us play outside”

“Because we switch names”

“She’s the best teacher”

“She gives us special treats”

“Because her hair looks good”

“She’s an awesome teacher”

“She rocks”

“She lets us paint”

Joy McFarlane

Easily implements routines and schedules to include all children’s needs, very knowledgeable about Head Start, good mentor and support to other staff” -Nina, family engagement coordinator

It’s a pleasure working side by side with Ms. Joy. Her years of experience make her the right person to go to when you need support and ideas; She is always happy to help. Her students and families love her, she makes such a big difference in her students’ lives. She has many ways to teach, she creates an environment rich of knowledge and experiences for the children. Her class is always full of laughter and happiness and I’m glad to be part of it.”  -Scherri, teacher

Kim Petty

“Very resourceful, warm and caring, great relationship builder, enjoys taking learning outdoors” -Nina, family engagement coordinator

Miss Kim is a wonderful teacher!  She loves the students and is always providing the best of care for each one of them.  Miss Kim makes learning fun through music and songs and a lot of thoughtful activities.  She knows all of the families and works with them to provide the best care for them and the students.”  -Mary, classroom aide

She cares about her students a lot and has great relationships with their parents.” -Cassie, Teacher

From her students:

I love her!” – Shoshana

I like her because she’s nice.” -Max

It’s because she always be nice to all of us.” -Elise

I love her!” -Mia

Cassie Degener

Very positive, supportive, warm caring environment” -Nina, family engagement coordinator

From her students:

She’s nice”

“Her nice”

“She lets me swing”

“She is happy. I love Ms. Cassie”

“She’s Awesome”

“Being the best runner”

“She does everything I told her to do”

“Because she can sit next to me”

“She’s nice”

“She has friends”

“She makes surprises for us”