ThorpeWood offers nature and animal programming to groups from underserved populations and non-profits – free of charge! Take a look at some of our offerings below. To get a date on the calendar and start planning your visit, email executive director Kaili van Waveren.

Teens & Adults

Forest Therapy

Treat yourself to a mindful walk in nature led by a certified forest therapy guide. The walk is slow and easygoing—think strolling along, occasionally stopping, being still often. Through a sensory awakening meditation and guided invitations, participants are called to engage deeply with the forest, tune into their senses, and become fully present.

All Ages

Farm Animal Visits

Come visit the animals at the farm! Learn about all of our animals as you get hands-on experience in the barn. Our horses love to be petted, groomed, and painted. They can don their saddlebags to carry your group’s picnic lunch down the trail, as well. The goats enjoy a good snuggle and can also accompany your group on hikes and other nature adventures. The chickens can be held and admired. Head inside their coop to collect their eggs, too! The cows love to lick and investigate visiting humans. Watch as our bees buzz in and out of their hives. And please give your undivided love and attention to our barn cat!

Hikes & Exploration

Head down the trail for a hike or nature exploration! On a hike, we cover some ground and see many fun features of the property – the ponds, streams, fields, graveyard, and more. Go at a slower pace to engage in some exploration and to discover many wonders of the forest.

Nature Art

Bring your artistic side to create some nature art! This can take many different forms, from nature journaling around the pond to creating mandalas from natural materials.


Immerse your group into the natural world by turning your outing into an overnight! Sleep under the stars, bring your own tents, or cozy up in our homestead house and tipi!

Custom Programs

The farm is a blank canvas. We partner with group leaders to create custom programs. Perhaps you have girl scouts in pursuit of an art explorer badge or folks with developmental disabilities in need of hands-on work experience — we can help bring your ideas to life through the resources we have available at ThorpeWood.

Self-Led Programs

Take over the farm! We are happy to hand the reins over to group leaders who feel inspired to run their own programs on our property. You come up with the plans; we help to coordinate and make the day run smoothly.