The Property

The Property

The property itself is wonderfully unique and storied. Our timber-framed Lodge provides a tranquil space for groups to come together. The picturesque pond and fields offer a lovely place to rest and play. The endless trail networks encourage exploration and adventure. The old homestead house and barn are wonderful home bases for overnight programs. On the further reaches of the property, one can find an old family graveyard (dating back to 1803), the first and oldest hybrid American chestnut orchard in Maryland, and the remains of the mountain’s one-room schoolhouse.

The Farm

The Farm at ThorpeWood hosts a variety of farm animals, each one a proven gem. Our herd of Icelandic horses brings a gentle calm to the farm. Our goats offer silliness and enthusiasm. The cows are all bounce and personality. The chickens are pure delight and curiosity. The cat showcases the value of love and naps.

The Lodge

ThorpeWood’s timber-frame lodge is a green design building that exudes comfort, creativity, and inspiration. We are delighted to be a gathering place for the local community with our many community events: our holiday open house, house concerts, community dinners, and more. To find out more about upcoming events, check out our news.