More Distance Learning Videos

As most of our usual groups still aren’t able to come to the farm due to Covid, we continue to make distance learning videos to bring the farm to their classrooms. Previously, these videos were exclusively made with our Head Start preschoolers in mind, but these days we have expanded to making videos for older students. The environmental science departments at various FCPS schools, for example, have made special requests for videos about various aspects of our property. Take a look at some of our latest videos!

ThorpeWood’s Arboretum

Come visit the Valhalla Arboretum at ThorpeWood! This forty-acre arboretum has so many amazing trees – and one little arboretum gnome. Can you spot her?

ThorpeWood’s Lodge

The ThorpeWood lodge has a green design with many features of note. Come along as I show you a handful of these environmentally friendly design choices.

Taking Care of Animals

Our Head Start preschoolers were on their ‘pets’ unit, so I head around the farm, showing the kids what it takes to take care of our pets, the farm animals!

Farm Tour

For those who haven’t been to the farm (or you just want to visit again!), here’s a really cool choose-your-own-adventure farm tour! Check it out!Snow Day!

It’s a winter wonderland! Come see what the farm looks like under 11″ of snow…and see what the animals think of this winter weather!