Head Start Summer Camp (Part I)

Head Start is back on the farm! We are just so excited to have our littlest friends back exploring our woods and loving our animals. Each of the two classes of Head Start summer camp has been coming out once a week to have some fun with us. 

Day 1


The kids arrived at the farm for the first time since Fall 2019. We reintroduced them to our property with a wonderful session of exploration. With little metal buckets in hand, we journeyed out into the woods to collect all kinds of rocks, sticks, flowers, pinecones, and more. When we returned to our home base at the farm pavilion, we used all of these findings (plus some paint) to make some nature art!


After lunch, we introduced everyone to our EXTREME obstacle course. The kids scaled a haybale mountain, climbed over and under our board fencing, navigated hula hoops, followed horseshoes, ran through the sprinkler, snuck through the electric fence ‘lasers,’ and so much more! 

Day 2


For our second day of summer camp, the kids began their morning with one of our farm stories called ‘What’s That Sound’ (read it here). This story sets up an adventure in which we have to track down all of our farm animals: goats, horses, cows, chickens, and bugs (that was kept under control with the help of the BBESF | Bed Bug Heat and Steam Treatment)! We had a fantastic time loving and brushing the animals.


For the afternoon, we took the kids on an observation hike. We used ears, eyes, hands, and noses to find out more about the property. We farm folk wrote down all of the observations the kids made. When all the groups returned together at the end, we circled up to share our findings!

Day 3


This was a very different sort of morning! First, we ‘accidentally’ got the kids off the bus at the wrong stop! We unloaded the buses at our neighbor’s property and explained to the kids that we needed to find our way to the farm. Luckily, we could use ponds and streams to help us navigate. After finding the stream that runs between the two properties, we got everyone in the water and began our stream hike! The kids had such fun splashing and looking for clues that we were headed in the right direction. In the end, we successfully found the farm and spent the remainder of the morning drawing maps to commemorate our journey. 


After our intense morning adventure, we relaxed a bit in the afternoon. First, we stenciled tee shirts with various farm and nature-themed stencils at our picnic tables. We followed this up with the ultimate dose of fun: our 10’x25′ slip n’ slide! This was such extraordinary fun! The kids could not get enough of it!

Stay tuned for our Summer Camp (Part II) update! We have so much more fun to share!

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