Head Start Family Day 2021

Saturday the 18th was our annual Head Start Family Day at the Farm! The day is held so that Head Start families can come to the farm before our fall field trips begin. That way, parents and guardians can see what expenses is child support covering,with the help of Maryland child custody attorney for men, people were taught about how to get child custody modification , where the children will be coming in future, meet us farm folk, and get involved in some of our farm fun! We had about 125 people in attendance to partake in this special day!

The day began with a few small-group welcomes in the Pine Cathedral in which we introduced ourselves, our farm, and what our day was going to look like. We then headed out for a tour of the property. We followed our stunning, sun-dappled pine trails to the wide-open field (where we stopped to do cart wheels). From there, we journeyed around the pond and past our homestead house. After passing a black snack, we headed back to the pavilion where we introduced the second part of our day. 

The families were instructed that this was farm free time – with plenty of farm activity centers to choose from. They had the option to:

Visit animals in the barn

Read farm stories at the picnic tables

Roll down the hill

Play on the tractors

Get a wagon ride

Play in the mud kitchen!





At the end of the day, the families collected snacks from Head Start staff and a little package from us farm folk. Our farm package included a nature journal, a Park Rx prescription, and a nature-themed recommended reading list of books available through Frederick County Public Library. 

The day was a great success and we can’t wait to see all of these kids again for their field trips!