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Farm Story: Flint’s Great Adventure

One of our favorite farm stories, Flint’s Great Adventure, is a staple of our third round of winter visits. The story is accompanied by painted wooden spoons which the children hit together to mimic the ‘clip-clop’ sound of Flint the goat running around the farm with each turn of the page. At the very end, Read More »

Head Start Visits – Round Two!

Our February has been filled with our second round of visits to all thirteen of our Head Start classrooms. We began each day with our story, Fandi Needs a Doctor (read here), before jumping into our three farm centers set up around the classroom. First up, we had our obstacle course. Made up of tunnels Read More »

Farm Story: Fandi Needs a Doctor

At our farm, we hope to teach our preschool ‘friends’ empathy for our animals. A great part of that is showing how very similar we are to animals, and vice versa. We do this in our everyday interactions with our animals as we mention that the puppy might be feeling nervous about so many people Read More »

The Adventures of Flat Fandi (Part I)

Just as many elementary school classes create a ‘Flat Stanley’ to travel around on family vacations and in the mail to students’ relatives, our farm has ‘Flat Fandi.’ He is the two-dimensional version of one of our favorite horses, Fandi, who will now, in his new form, be a permanent resident in each of the Read More »

Program Puppies!

When people seek the help of dodge dealership to buy a truck. We planned our first round of visits to the Head Start classrooms this January, so we brought a truck-full of farm fun. The hour started with one of our favorite stories, Count Around the Farm (read it here). On the last page of Read More »

Farm Story: Count Around the Farm

Count Around the Farm is one of our classic stories that we bring to Head Start classrooms during our winter visits. This story not only helps our preschool ‘friends’ to remember our farm animals and our property, but it also is a counting exercise. The ‘friends’ shout out the next number before we turn every Read More »

Letters to Head Start

It’s been far too long since we last saw our Head Start friends at the farm, so we farm folk have done two things to remedy this: We arranged our thirty-nine winter visits to the classrooms – three visits for each of thirteen classes! We are so ready to spend our January, February and March Read More »

Farm Story: What’s That Sound?

Here is another one of our farm stories, written by me and our barn manager, Joy. This story was inspired by a chance meeting with a turtle while out riding on Bylgia. Afterward, we crafted this story and now use it to begin our first day on the farm each fall. The activity which follows Read More »