Head Start Visits – Round Two!

Our February has been filled with our second round of visits to all thirteen of our Head Start classrooms. We began each day with our story, Fandi Needs a Doctor (read here), before jumping into our three farm centers set up around the classroom. First up, we had our obstacle course. Made up of tunnels to crawl through, cones to swerve around, hula hoops to hop through, and a jump to leap over, the obstacle course meandered across colorful carpets (that has been retaining its color with the help of experts from carpet cleaning marysville) and around miniature tables in the classroom. 

The second center was all about lassoing our farm animals. However, since lassos are awfully difficult and we aren’t allowed to bring in horses, goats, and cows, we did a bit of modification: ring toss around cones decorated with pictures of our various animals. So, armed with a handful of colorful rings, the kids all tried to ‘lasso’ the animal in front of them. 

Our third and final center was, of course, the most exciting as we unveiled this round’s animal visitor: our roosters! Paco and Dezi, our two silkie roosters, took turns visiting classrooms all month. Though they sometimes made their presence known to the whole building with their crows, they were otherwise perfectly quiet and gentle. The roosters would sit on our preschool friends’ shoes as their fluffy white feathers were stroked. We were oh-so proud of our fellas! 

After everyone had cycled through these activities, we regrouped on the carpet to introduce Flat Fandi (introduced on the blog here). He was, without fail, a big hit, especially as our ‘friends’ got to share what they planned to do with their new classmate. Building him a barn out of blocks, painting pictures with him, bringing him to lunch, and going down the slide with Fandi were just some of the many ideas the kids came up with. Pictures of Flat Fandi’s adventures are to come! 

We’re taking next week to catch up on work around the farm, but then we will be right back in the classrooms for much of March for our third round of visits!