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Overheard on the Farm (part II)

In an attempt to better capture the spirit of our 3-5 year old visitors to the farm, we have amassed a small collection of their musings – including the peculiar and the lovely, the strange and the sweet. These are just the handful of things we remembered to commit to writing, though there are oh Read More »

Head Start Fall 2018

After a long August and September away from our Head Start ‘friends,’ October brought our three, four, and five year old visitors back once again. Amongst the many familiar faces from last year were the bunches of new students, who could be easily identified by their wide-eyed stares as they dismounted the bus each Monday. Read More »

Our 2nd Litter of Foxhounds

After spending three full months at Stoney Lick Farm, our latest litter of fox hounds puppies have returned to their New Jersey home, filled to their furry brims with love. These nine little darlings are the sons and daughters of Barnacle, a foxhound we raised on the farm a year and a half ago. Named Read More »

2nd Annual Head Start Family Day

The tradition started last year, we once again welcomed Head Start students and their families to our farm to explore and enjoy our farm. Arriving both in buses and cars, around one hundred and fifty people attended our event. We began the morning with families (here is the lawyers help for your family law claims Read More »

Summer Camp 2018

Each year, we seemingly get to spend more and more hours with our ‘friends’ at Head Start. This year for our summer visits, we doubled the amount of students coming to visit from 30 to 60! So, for each of twelve sessions over the course of July and August, we had our troop of preschoolers Read More »

Overheard on the Farm

Since previous blog posts cover the spring Head Start curriculum, this one will chronicle the wonderful and strange things overheard during these sessions: On Exploring (After seeing friend hop) “You’ll have to jump higher to get to the moon.” (Trying to convince me the woods are dangerous) “There’s BLOOD!” (Explaining to his friends why we shouldn’t Read More »

Head Start Picnic

Last Wednesday was the Head Start end of year picnic in Frederick. As promised, we arrived with two trailer-fulls of fun. In the first, our horses, Vinur, Snuder, Geysir and Fandi, vied to be first down the trailer ramp, first to take a mouthful of Staley Park’s lush green grass. In the second trailer, the Read More »