Overheard on the Farm (part II)

In an attempt to better capture the spirit of our 3-5 year old visitors to the farm, we have amassed a small collection of their musings – including the peculiar and the lovely, the strange and the sweet. These are just the handful of things we remembered to commit to writing, though there are oh so many more little quotes that we fail to remember and record. 

On Meeting Horses

“She’s so soft I want to lay in her!”

“Is it real??”

(Seeing our horse with the goats) “It’s their Mommy!!”

(Seeing dust billow of horses back) “He’s steaming!!”

(Why Glampi is brown (muddy), not white as usual) “He changes color in the sun!!”

“We’re gonna have a sleepover with the horses…but don’t worry, someone will clean up the poop.”

On Meeting Cows

“Eww!” Friend: “Hey! She’s not ew!”

“Effie said ‘bye’ to me!!”

“Cows have milk.”


On Meeting Goats

“Goats don’t have eggs…Just chickens.”

(Knowing full well she is meeting a goat) “What you doing DONKEY??”

“Can I smell him?…He’s smells like lotion!”

(Petting down Flint’s spine) “There’s a bone in there!!”

(Seeing goat itching) “You got a scratch? I’ll follow your directions!” (proceeds to itch him where he was scratching)


On Meeting Rabbits

“He wouldn’t taste very good with the fur on.”

(Hearing Nugget’s name) “Like a chicken nugget??”


On Meeting Chickens

“They’re trying to tell us something!…They’re telling us to buy them food”

“They’re smiling!!”

“I’m scared…because they’re REAL!”

(Explaining chicks) “You go ‘knock knock’ and then they hatch.”

“Chickens drink pumpkins and water.”

(Seeing Christmas stocking on their door) “Santa will come and give them their eggs!”


On Meeting Dogs

(Wistfully) “I wish I was a dog…” Friend: “I wish I was a goat!”

(Seeing June digging at groundhog hole) “Its a REAL DOG DIGGING!!!”


On Playing in the Hay

“This is AWESOME!!”

(Appalled at getting stuck between two bales) “The hay bale took my foot!”

“When are we going back to the hay place??”

(After being asked to go to the back of the rope swing line) “Well I don’t want my shoe ANYWAY!” (throws boot across room) (??)




On Exploring

“We’re going into the woods…let’s stick together!”

(After finding out we are leaving the barn) “I just want to pet horses and goats!!”

(After taking two steps into the woods, the barn and bus still completely visible) “Are we lost??”

“I know how to explore! You find as many things as you can, awesome things…like coconuts!”

(Climbing tree) “I’m going all the way up!”

“The ground is crunching! I never heard it like that!”

(After learning why we have a protective cage around saplings) “[to baby tree] Now no one can eatsis you!”

“We went hunting in the jungle together!”

(Seeing burn pile) “It’s the three little pigs’ house!! Who knocked it down?”

(Seeing a small hollow on a tree trunk) “It’s a door! It’s a door!!”

(Seeing bird house) “Careful! There might be a bird in there and it’ll snap out and eat our fingers!

(Seeing homestead house) “It’s a haunted house!”

(Excited) “I can’t believe we’re doing this!?!”

(Guessing what lives in ponds) “Sticks!”

“Miss Katie?” “Yes?” “Alligators bite you.”

(After finding stone lion) “Now let’s find a gorilla!!”

“I’ve never been in the woods before!”

(On noticing a low flying plane) “It’s going to Santa to get presents!!”

(On hearing that deer live in the woods) “[gigglingNo! They come from SANTA!!”

“I like this….this is amazing…”


On Building Bug Houses

“He can live in my shoe!!”

(Imagining what a leaf could be for a bug) “bed!” “blanket!” “food!” “wall!” “toilet!”

(Naming bugs) “This one’s Eddy…and this one’s Edie…because she like to eat!”

(After being asked what his name is) “X, R, D…” (His name was Kingston)

(Identifying the necessities of a bug home) “Food!” “A Vacuum!” “A Potty!” “TV!” “Toys!”


On Leaving

“I want to stay here 100 years…and you, too!!”

“I want to come to the horse farm FOREVER!”

“I don’t want to go back to the place on the bus!”

“What if I never see you again??”

(Quietly) “I want to stay here with the horses forever.”