Overheard on the Farm

Since previous blog posts cover the spring Head Start curriculum, this one will chronicle the wonderful and strange things overheard during these sessions:

On Exploring

(After seeing friend hop) “You’ll have to jump higher to get to the moon.”

(Trying to convince me the woods are dangerous) “There’s BLOOD!”

(Explaining to his friends why we shouldn’t pick any more blossoms off the tree) “He wants to be beautiful.”

(Seeing ant on tree) “(gasp)…it’s NATURE!!”

(Upon entering field’s warmth and sunlight) “We’re in summer!”

(Telling friends to hurry up) “Run! Run like the log! Run like a bridge! Run like a tree branch! Run like a horse!”

(Using tree branch as walking stick) “It’s a grandma stick!”

(At the pond) “Look at the fish under water” “where’s ‘underwater’?”

(Finding chestnut burr) “Careful it’s pokey” “Like a pokemon??”

(Finding pine needles) “Isn’t that the prettiest thing” “No! I love my mommy much much”

(Handing pink magnolia petal to friend) “Here, Maddie, it’s your favorite color.

(On deciding on a name for his pet rock)
“Mickey Mouse!”

(Hearing a friend say they’re allergic to dogs) “I’m not allergic to anything, I just have allergies.

Thoughts during Riding

“I want to ride the horsey all of the day!”   

“I’m flying!”

“In my body, in my heart, Jesus gave me camouflage…like a gecko.”

“I don’t know if this horse is heavier than a hippo…”

“You okay, horsey?”

(Pointing off into the woods) “Look! A frozen tiger…and a volcano!”

(Guessing where a feather comes from) “A horsey? “Good guess, but it’s an animal that can fly…” “A giraffe!?”

“This horse is fast like a speed train”

“Horseshoes make the horse run fast”

(Calling down the trail behind him) “Miss Mi’Kea! Hurry Up!”

On Hay Play & Scavenger Hunting

(In the hay)  “The floor is LAVA!”

(Jumping on a hay bale) “It’s a trampoline!”

(Leaving hay play)  “My brain is too hot to work!”

“I smell something” “What do you smell?” “I smell CLOTHES!!”


On the Stream

“This is the best day of my life!”

“We’re at the beach!”

“Are there sharks?”

(After 20 minutes of playing in the stream) “There’s rocks under the water!”



On Meeting the Animals

(Meeting cow)

“It’s okay, we love you anyway…you don’t have to brush us.”

“The baby cow turned into a big cow!”

“Milk eats cows.”

“But where’s the BABY cow??”

(Meeting goat)

“He smiled at me!”

“Hey, llama llama.”

“The goat was talking to me.”

(Meeting chickens)

(With chicken on lap) “I like this…I could sit here everyday.”

(Sees gravel) “Are these eggs?”

(After learning their combs will stand out more when they grow up)  “So, she’ll be a unicorn?”


(Sees chickens on roost) “They’re doing gymnastics on the bar!”

(Parting thought after leaving the chickens) “I love the mother of nature…She gave me ice cream”

On Graduating

(Holding certificates to fence) “Look, Vinur, look!”

“I want to stay on the farmer!”