Letters to Head Start

It’s been far too long since we last saw our Head Start friends at the farm, so we farm folk have done two things to remedy this:

  1. We arranged our thirty-nine winter visits to the classrooms – three visits for each of thirteen classes! We are so ready to spend our January, February and March delivering our farm programs to our ‘friends’ at school.
  2. We wrote some letters…about 250 to be more exact! The letters all are written on the back of a postcard, the front of which is a beautiful photo of our horse Snuder in the snow. After they take time to appreciate their old pal Snuder, the actual content of the letters conveys that we miss them and are looking forward to our upcoming visits. Our hope is that the continued contact through these letters and the visits to the classroom will make us more consistent and impactful members of their lives.

Here are three examples of our cards…plus the front cover so that you, too, can admire Snuder in all of his beauty 🙂