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World Read Aloud Day 2022

In honor of World Read Aloud Day, we farm folk would like to share our love of reading! Our property manager, Jeff, so enjoys being read aloud to. While he works to make our property beautiful, his headphones are always playing audiobooks. When he goes home at night, he takes on the role of the Read More »

‘Look Closely!’ Activity Book

We have a new farm book! Joy (our Barn Manager) created this interactive book, complete with rhymes and nature-themed hidden pictures. The idea for this little book started with a little boy named Jack. Jack is Joy’s little grandson. Whenever Joy sees a carefully camouflaged animal in her wanderings, she snaps a photo, texts it Read More »

New Farm Comic!

Our latest book has no words at all. Nope, not even a title. Instead, it is a comic strip that goes along with one of our recent videos ‘Let’s Ride a Horse.’ As our young preschoolers are a little ways away from reading on their own, we wanted to create a book that they could Read More »

New Farm Story: The Farm Alphabet

To expand our collection of farm stories, we ventured into the staple of every preschool classroom, the alphabet. Of course, we made this alphabet story farm-themed, with each letter representing something from the farm. Of course, some letters were a struggle to come up with (most notably, U and X). Read the story below to Read More »

New Farm Story: Meet the Farm

As we prepare to go to Head Start classrooms in the coming weeks, we are so excited to unveil our latest book, Meet the Farm. As these kids haven’t been to the farm since last fall, we doubted how much of the experience they might remember. So, we put together a little cute book to Read More »

Farm Story: Flat Fandi’s Travels

With all of our Head Start kids at home right now, we figured some empathetic kids might start worrying about how Flat Fandi is doing in the classroom, all alone. So, Joy wrote this story to alleviate any worries. Flat Fandi, safe from disease in his lamination, took a trip to the farm to see Read More »

Farm Story: Flint’s Great Adventure

One of our favorite farm stories, Flint’s Great Adventure, is a staple of our third round of winter visits. The story is accompanied by painted wooden spoons which the children hit together to mimic the ‘clip-clop’ sound of Flint the goat running around the farm with each turn of the page. At the very end, Read More »

Farm Story: Fandi Needs a Doctor

At our farm, we hope to teach our preschool ‘friends’ empathy for our animals. A great part of that is showing how very similar we are to animals, and vice versa. We do this in our everyday interactions with our animals as we mention that the puppy might be feeling nervous about so many people Read More »