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Farm Story: Count Around the Farm

Count Around the Farm is one of our classic stories that we bring to Head Start classrooms during our winter visits. This story not only helps our preschool ‘friends’ to remember our farm animals and our property, but it also is a counting exercise. The ‘friends’ shout out the next number before we turn every Read More »

Farm Story: What’s That Sound?

Here is another one of our farm stories, written by me and our barn manager, Joy. This story was inspired by a chance meeting with a turtle while out riding on Bylgia. Afterward, we crafted this story and now use it to begin our first day on the farm each fall. The activity which follows Read More »

New Story: The Worry Stone

We have a new story! As we are in the middle of our Head Start summer camp, this story is just in time for our upcoming visit to the stream, where we read a story around the fire ring after our morning of splashing in the rapids. This latest book is a special one for Read More »

Count around the Farm

Adding to our line of Stoney Lick Farm stories, we have most recently written Count around the Farm to read during our winter classroom visits (details to come). For our preschool ‘friends,’ this story serves two purposes. First, during this cold-weather lull between the fall and spring visits to the farm, we don’t want our Read More »