New Story: The Worry Stone

We have a new story! As we are in the middle of our Head Start summer camp, this story is just in time for our upcoming visit to the stream, where we read a story around the fire ring after our morning of splashing in the rapids. This latest book is a special one for us for two reasons:

First, it is our first illustrated book! Up until now, we have relied on our cameras, but this story needed drawings. So, we called up the wonderfully talented artist, Nermeen Chaudhry, to make these words come to life. As you can see below, she created such a warm and wonderful world with her pen. 

The second reason this story is dear to us is the inspiration for the story itself. Our lovely Barn Manager/Program Facilitator/Co-Author Joy Smith recounted the story of her late-husband Randy and his worry stone. Throughout his life, and especially when he was living with cancer, Randy always had a worry stone in his pocket. He filed his nails on it, rubbed its surface, and played with it often to keep his mind busy, off of those worries and his pain. 

With these thoughts in mind, please enjoy our story…and go find a worry stone of your own!