New Farm Comic!

Our latest book has no words at all. Nope, not even a title. Instead, it is a comic strip that goes along with one of our recent videos ‘Let’s Ride a Horse.’ As our young preschoolers are a little ways away from reading on their own, we wanted to create a book that they could ‘read’ by themselves. It still tells a story, conveys emotions, and teaches them a bit about riding horses.

When we delivered these books as part of farm mail this week, we challenged the students to narrate the story on their own using the clues in the drawings. Miss Kim, one of the Head Start teachers, wrote to us to say “Thank you for today’s farm mail. I am super excited to share it with the kiddos. I LOVE the wordless picture book. Fits right in with one of our objectives that I am planning to work on soon. : )”  

Check out the book below!