World Read Aloud Day 2022

In honor of World Read Aloud Day, we farm folk would like to share our love of reading! Our property manager, Jeff, so enjoys being read aloud to. While he works to make our property beautiful, his headphones are always playing audiobooks. When he goes home at night, he takes on the role of the reader as he reads to his four-year-old, Luke. I prefer my hard-copy library books for my own reading, but read aloud books to my little girl Josie every day. We also make a big effort to read aloud to our preschooler friends at Head Start any chance we get. For almost every visit, we have an accompanying book that we farm folk wrote ourselves. 

We have made these available online in two different ways:



Here on the blog, you can find many of our farm stories! The full list of blog posts featuring these stories can be found here.




We also have many read-aloud videos that can be found on our ThorpeWood youtube channel. The read-aloud playlist can be found here.



Happy World Read Aloud Day! Enjoy our stories!