Author: Katie Guth

Head Start Picnic

Last Wednesday was the Head Start end of year picnic in Frederick. As promised, we arrived with two trailer-fulls of fun. In the first, our horses, Vinur, Snuder, Geysir and Fandi, vied to be first down the trailer ramp, first to take a mouthful of Staley Park’s lush green grass. In the second trailer, the Read More »

Nature Art

New to our spring curriculum this year, nature art quickly became a favorite activity. Using the pine needles, sticks, acorn caps, and gumballs found during our exploration of the farm in lieu of paint brushes, the children created fantastic works of art unlike those created through more traditional means. Very often, they started out as Read More »

Lifecycle of a ThorpeWoodian Daffodil

Undisturbed, the daffodils of our woods and fields would rise, shine, and fade back into dormancy until next spring like others of their species. At ThorpeWood, however, a seasonally introduced predator reinvents this usual lifecycle. This happens each time our teams of preschool explorers flood from their school buses and into our woods to hunt Read More »

Winter Visits to Head Start

With winter’s chill in the mountain air, the school buses stopped ferrying our preschool ‘friends’ between the Head Start classrooms and our farm. Not wanting them to forget their friendly farm people and animals, we took up our pens to write some letters, around 240 in fact. These notes were written inside folded colorful paper Read More »

Count around the Farm

Adding to our line of Stoney Lick Farm stories, we have most recently written Count around the Farm to read during our winter classroom visits (details to come). For our preschool ‘friends,’ this story serves two purposes. First, during this cold-weather lull between the fall and spring visits to the farm, we don’t want our Read More »

Fall 2017

Looking back at the close of 2017, our fall season was made meaningful by our many young visitors. Most prominently, all thirteen classes of Frederick County’s Head Start program frequented our farm from mid October through December. During this time, each class visited for four consecutive days, each with its own theme. On the first Read More »

Head Start ‘Friends’ and Family Day

Inspired by a suggestion from Head Start staff, ThorpeWood held an open house for our Head Start ‘friends’ and their families. About a hundred and fifty people came to enjoy the beautiful sunshiny day at the farm. The beginning of the morning was dominated by visiting the barn. Outside the barn, the goats, Flint and Read More »

Our Rescue Calf

Many have been flocking to ThorpeWood’s barn to greet the latest addition to our furry family: a newborn Holstein calf! At the Frederick Fair this past weekend, Sam and Julie visited the birthing center in time to witness a Holstein mama giving birth to not one, but two little calves. In a facebook post, Julie Read More »