Author: Katie Guth

New to Our Spring Curriculum: Farm ‘Work’ Day!

In reworking our curriculum this spring, a new theme emerged: farm work day. When the kids get off the bus, we ‘confess’ that we just didn’t have time to get all of our work done this morning and so we really need our head start friends’ help to catch up. The children often get very Read More »

A Visit from COIPP

This past Saturday, the lovely ladies of the Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) arranged an outing to ThorpeWood. This volunteer-run non profit seeks to engage and support the youth of Frederick County who have a loved one in jail. Each month, they hold a group event to widen the scope of children’s experiences, allow Read More »

Animal Spotlight: Scratch

Last summer, our chickens ran from the hedgerow, cackling in fear of what lurked there. We looked and found a kitty cat, nearly starved, with every bone in his hind end visible. He had been camping out in our upper hay shed, living off the bag of chicken scratch he tore open. Thus, we dubbed Read More »

A Visit from The Samaritan Women

This past weekend, The Samaritan Women (TSW) held their yearly three-day retreat at ThorpeWood. This group, based out of Baltimore, is a faith-based home for women who have been victims of domestic sex trafficking. In this program, the women learn independence, confidence, find spiritual growth and learn about the basic rights and laws such as Read More »

National Volunteer Month!

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we are spotlighting the wondrous creatures who have been volunteering at the farm lately. Each of these ladies have just recently started blessing us with their helpful hands and smiles.  First to come to us with her buoyant personality and shining eyes was Miss Lisa, one of our most Read More »

EAL in April

  After the quiet lull of winter, spring weather brought many groups to the farm. Out of Baltimore, ‘So What Else’ arrived with students from the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts for a leadership retreat. This organization creates programming for under served youth, with an emphasis on volunteerism and a strong sense of Read More »

Thank Yous! (vol. I)

In cleaning up the secret corners of the barn’s tack room this past week, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of thank you notes from years past. These heartfelt messages so touch us that we would love to share bits and pieces of them here. We feel these are testaments to the true soul of Read More »

Update: Silkie Chicks

Since their auspicious arrival at the farm, our silkie baby chicks, who are being raised as therapy chickens, have hit quite a few milestones! Please hold your applause until the end 🙂 First, at just a week old, these little darlings discovered their first worm – a moment no hen forgets as long as she Read More »