National Volunteer Month!

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we are spotlighting the wondrous creatures who have been volunteering at the farm lately. Each of these ladies have just recently started blessing us with their helpful hands and smiles. 

First to come to us with her buoyant personality and shining eyes was Miss Lisa, one of our most favorite Head Start teachers. After leaving this position to start a new path for herself, she could not bear to stop her visits to the farm. She tells us that this is her happy place – and of course we understand fully. She has come to observe an EAL session and has been a huge help with out Head Start classes on the farm. We have oh-so much to learn from her as a former teacher. We stand back and just watch her work with the kids…we really ought to take notes!

Just days after Miss Lisa started joining us, our new neighbor Barb became a friendly face around the property. She only recently moved here from Pittsburgh and yet she is already proving to be a great value to our little mountain community. As proof of her dedication, she joins us in the dark of 6am to feed our animals and clean out stalls. She seems to be always only a phone call away whenever we need a spare hand and heart for Head Start. Barb is wonderfully chipper and endures our little nonsenses and chaos well.

Lastly, we had an extraordinary visitor from Delaware dedicate the entirety of her 7th grade spring break to us. Hadyn, a perfectly spectacular young lady who was staying with her family in the Little Pond Cottage all last week, woke up each morning to join us at 6am and didn’t leave until well after four o’clock, our quitting time. In her brief time with us, she learned each and every animal’s name, showered them with love, and just became such a lovely presence in our barn. Furthermore, she learned to ride our horses and shared her enthusiasm with the Head Start kids during our sessions with them. Since she has now returned to her home in Delaware, we miss her so and cannot wait until her next vacation brings her back. 

Each of these awesome ladies are truly appreciated and valued for the contributions. We know it takes a special, hard working and light-hearted person to embrace our silly little barn and the strange staff who occupy it 😉 Thank you ladies, we are better with you here.