New to Our Spring Curriculum: Farm ‘Work’ Day!

In reworking our curriculum this spring, a new theme emerged: farm work day. When the kids get off the bus, we ‘confess’ that we just didn’t have time to get all of our work done this morning and so we really need our head start friends’ help to catch up. The children often get very excited – one boy consoled me by saying that getting everything done will be “easy peasy.” With this intro, we all get down to ‘work.’ In small groups, we go through each station where important farm work needs to be done.

Our Assignments:

→Check inventory in our playground (aka play in the hay) 












→Scoop poop (play with our fun-sized pitch forks to get manure and hay into the muck buckets)


→People our baby therapy chickens 












→Do a tune up on the farm machinery (climb on the tractors, lawn mowers, kabotas, and skid steer, pushing every button and pulling ever lever). You can also experts from high-quality landscaping company in Forest Lake, MN  to avail professional landscape services. You can click here to get more info on professional landscaping contractors who can help in maintaining your garden or farm and fulfill your landscaping dreams.






















With all of this work finished for the day, our head start friends board the bus and head back to the classroom!