Our Rescue Calf

Many have been flocking to ThorpeWood’s barn to greet the latest addition to our furry family: a newborn Holstein calf! At the Frederick Fair this past weekend, Sam and Julie visited the birthing center in time to witness a Holstein mama giving birth to not one, but two little calves. In a facebook post, Julie explains the drama of the evening and the happy conclusion:


“…a Holstein was ready to give birth to a calf. There were complications and it took several people to get this baby out…once out, there were more serious complications and after a bit, they announced to the audience of about 200, that the bull calf did not make it! Unbelievable sadness filled that space! Then….all of a sudden a hoof appeared at the rear of the momma and we all yelled “there’s another baby!”…they had no idea she was having twins! All the workers quickly ran to the mother and assisted with this birth that was perfect!

There was another problem however, the mother had collapsed and was stuck in the metal equipment that assists with the birth…it took about 6 men working frantically (15-20 minutes) to free her…they finally did and she ran to her baby…unaware she had lost the first. So…the sad news in the dairy cow life is that because twins were born … a male (bull) and Heifer (female) … this is what happens…

“If the twins are bull & heifer, the heifer has a good chance to be sterile, but not always!! It depends on what kind of twins you have. If it is a male and a female, the male hormones in the developing calves will get into the bloodstream of the female calf and prevent complete female organ development.”

So, the little Female is unable to produce and therefore the dairy farmer has to make that hard decision to send this calf to the stockyard!! No income from this sterile female. Which we understand completely!!

So many tears! But, I could not stand the thought of this beautiful “miracle” baby being sent to the stockyards….so, guess what? We will have a new baby at the ThorpeWood farm this weekend! Hoping to get her tomorrow!! I couldn’t walk away from this one…not after witnessing, for 90 minutes, this event!!!”

After being picked up by Scott and Sam, the little calf arrived just in time for the Head Start ‘Friends’ and Family Open House. Despite being barely two days old, she greeted over a hundred visitors that day with no fear. At her stall, a big sheet of poster paper asked for help naming our darling girl. After reviewing the submissions, Julie named the calf “Hope.” Her sweet nuzzles and spunky bucks and kicks promise she will be a lovey, spirited addition to our farm!