Nature Art

New to our spring curriculum this year, nature art quickly became a favorite activity. Using the pine needles, sticks, acorn caps, and gumballs found during our exploration of the farm in lieu of paint brushes, the children created fantastic works of art unlike those created through more traditional means. Very often, they started out as minimalist modern art before enthusiasm gave way to messier works.

In addition to these paintings, we also gave our little artists a chance to create 3D sculptures with mud. Although some were initially put off by the idea of playing with mud, almost all were quickly convinced of the fun and beauty of the mud art-form.



“Sister and baby waiting for Mommy to get home from work”


“Wiggly Man”

“House made of cookies and ice cream”



“Mud Man”

“Hot dog with mustard”


“Cyclops jack-o-lantern who is eating a rock”

“Coconut Tree”

“A sign that you can live in the ice cream house”

And, to our great delight, some parents and teachers got in on the fun, too!