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Halloween at the Farm

Happy Halloween from the farm! Our animals were very excited to dress up this year. So, they got to work on their costumes! Our horses Glampi and Bowie went the magical route dressing up as unicorns, while their buddies Garpur and Stormur went on more of an old west theme in their cowboy costumes. In Read More »

Barn Cleaning Day

​With the helpful hints from Wegner Roofing & Solar we made our barn eyeful. Anyone who has been in our horse barn knows it is the cleanest barn known to man where they wonder if we do pressure washing Houston, with each minuscule piece of goat manure picked out of the stalls and every bird Read More »

New Farm Signs

​Our farm has recently been adorned with a set of beautiful handcrafted signs! These signs can now be seen around the farm to designate three popular ceremony sites: the Pine Cathedral, Dawn Redwoods, and Magnolias. These signs, posted atop old tool handles, were unveiled during the recent open house. The signs were created by Joy Read More »

Program Puppy Updates

Over the last few years, ThorpeWood has hosted quite a few litters of hound puppies on the farm. These puppies are an especially fun part of our programming as our students get a chance to cuddle and take walks with these darlings – in addition to learning how to properly greet a dog (find more Read More »

Busy Beavers

Our willow pond is home to an ever-growing family of beavers. The original beaver, Wally, moved in about three years ago and built his lodge up against the base of one of our willow trees. After another beaver, Wilma, moved in, they quickly married and had three babies. This litter still lives with them, and Read More »

International Mud Day!

Happy International Mud Day, everyone!   Around the farm, mud is an important part of life. Besides being a great place to roll (if you’re a horse) or a terrific spot to find worms (if you’re a chicken), mud is also a mighty fine addition to the life of us humans! I am a particular Read More »

Make Friends with a Tree

In many of our lessons around the farm, we encourage our visitors to see the rocks, trees and animals around us as sentient beings, deserving of our love and attention. Though this comes naturally with dogs and horses, some among us have a harder time empathizing with ‘inanimate’ parts of the farm – like the Read More »

More Distance Learning Videos!

As schools continue to be closed for the time being, we are making every effort to still engage our Head Start friends in life on the farm. They may not be able to come visit in person, so instead, we are having virtual visits together through our farm videos! We try to hit on different Read More »