Barn Cleaning Day

Anyone who has been in our horse barn knows it is the cleanest barn known to man, with each minuscule piece of goat manure picked out of the stalls and every bird dropping scrubbed from the walls and floors. The center aisle is blown out with a leaf blower daily and the water bowls are scrubbed regularly. Even the chicken coop is tidied each day. Everything is immaculate. This is all the effort of Joy Smith, our barn manager extraordinaire. Her work is valued most by those who are familiar with barns – the ones who know just how much work it takes to keep a barn oh-so clean.

Every few years, we farm folk do a full barn cleaning with all hands on deck. This cleaning involves taking everything out of the barn and power washing it all down. This is an all day adventure that yields stunning results! This past week, we undertook this effort and are quite pleased with the results :) We ended our day with some celebratory mint chocolate chip ice cream bars!
So, next time you visit our barn, take a moment to appreciate all the hard work of our farm folk – and pay our Barn Manager, Joy, a well-deserved compliment! 
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