Busy Beavers

Our willow pond is home to an ever-growing family of beavers. The original beaver, Wally, moved in about three years ago and built his lodge up against the base of one of our willow trees. After another beaver, Wilma, moved in, they quickly married and had three babies. This litter still lives with them, and are expected to be evicted when they reach two years old next March. This year, Wally and Wilma had another litter of kits and have decided their home is just too small! So, they have just begun the process of building an addition onto their lodge. It is, as of now, a big pile of sticks, but soon it will be a whole new room next to their old home. We will keep an eye on their construction project as it continues! In the photo below, their original lodge is at the base of the tree, and the new construction is the loose pile of sticks to the left.

If you find our beavers as interesting as we do, make sure to watch this video! This was filmed by Tiffany Cianci, who came to the farm back in May to record a live virtual field trip. The beavers were such great stars of this video! Also, take a look at these photos from that day!