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A Visit from The Samaritan Women

This past weekend, The Samaritan Women (TSW) held their yearly three-day retreat at ThorpeWood. This group, based out of Baltimore, is a faith-based home for women who have been victims of domestic sex trafficking. In this program, the women learn independence, confidence, find spiritual growth and learn about the basic rights and laws such as Read More »

EAL in April

  After the quiet lull of winter, spring weather brought many groups to the farm. Out of Baltimore, ‘So What Else’ arrived with students from the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts for a leadership retreat. This organization creates programming for under served youth, with an emphasis on volunteerism and a strong sense of Read More »

Thank Yous! (vol. I)

In cleaning up the secret corners of the barn’s tack room this past week, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of thank you notes from years past. These heartfelt messages so touch us that we would love to share bits and pieces of them here. We feel these are testaments to the true soul of Read More »

New Story: The All-Around Egg!

With our winter classroom visits in full swing, Joy wrote and photographed our newest story, The All-Around Egg. This book talks about all the many ways of cooking with the eggs we get from our chickens. After reading this story to our preschool ‘friends’ in the classroom, we ask if they might return the kindness of Read More »

Snow Day!

When snow falls at Stoney Lick Farm, our little clearing in the wooded mountains transforms into an even more lovely and textured version of herself. In addition to the all encapsulating whiteness, the first thing you notice is Stillness. Despite there being oh so many creatures occupying our fields, all is still cloaked in peace. Read More »

Camp Journey Visits

Though it can sometimes seem like we are quite alone on our mountain, Way Station’s respite program, Camp Journey, also calls her home. This program has overnight services for 11-17 year old children with emotional and behavioral issues. Through these overnights, children and their families get a mutually beneficial rest from one another. Usually, these Read More »

Overheard on the Farm (part II)

In an attempt to better capture the spirit of our 3-5 year old visitors to the farm, we have amassed a small collection of their musings – including the peculiar and the lovely, the strange and the sweet. These are just the handful of things we remembered to commit to writing, though there are oh Read More »

Head Start Fall 2018

After a long August and September away from our Head Start ‘friends,’ October brought our three, four, and five year old visitors back once again. Amongst the many familiar faces from last year were the bunches of new students, who could be easily identified by their wide-eyed stares as they dismounted the bus each Monday. Read More »