Snow Day!

When snow falls at Stoney Lick Farm, our little clearing in the wooded mountains transforms into an even more lovely and textured version of herself. In addition to the all encapsulating whiteness, the first thing you notice is Stillness. Despite there being oh so many creatures occupying our fields, all is still cloaked in peace. This Stillness becomes such that the simple chatter of a bird or the punches of a pup’s footfall gives added meaning to the peace which surrounds.

This is not to say that there is any lack of activity going on, of course. One need only look to the disturbances in the snow to understand that. The compressed areas of snow show where the horses rolled to make their imperfect snow angels. Fandi stands by his, prideful. The dotted-line tracks of a trotting fox or the splay footed footprints of our neighborhood rabbits zig and zag through the pastures and back into the hedgerows which surround. 

On the more domestic side of things, our horses’ coats have notably more puff and fluff. Evolved to live through Iceland’s winters, our horses are quite content in the cold and snow and ice. Our chickens, on the other hand, are greatly offended by the intruding whiteness in their pen and plead for us to shovel them out. Our dainty hens will not even venture out for their daily walks unless we have shoveled and swept a trail out for them. And even then, there is much in the way of hesitant little growls and clucks. The dogs, meanwhile, greatly enjoy the snow. When an icy layer coats the top, June slides her tongue along the surface as she walks, enjoying a snow cone to-go.

Stoney Lick Farm under snow offers us a new perspective on our animals – both wild and tamed. It allows us to appreciate our barren trees as they sparkle with their ice coating. And, more than that, the snow reminds us what a splendid and lovely place we have here on the mountain. 

Jasmine, Matilda and Patricia, hesitant, on their shoveled walkway.

Thokkadis and the sparkling, icy trees.

Glampi. Garpur and Stormur, moonlit in the snow.

Tracks in the snow.

Fandi and his snow angel.

Glampi, happy in the snow.