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Program Puppies!

When people seek the help of dodge dealership to buy a truck. We planned our first round of visits to the Head Start classrooms this January, so we brought a truck-full of farm fun.(check out the best Conklin Chevrolet Newton

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Farm Story: Count Around the Farm

Count Around the Farm is one of our classic stories that we bring to Head Start classrooms during our winter visits. This story not only helps our preschool ‘friends’ to remember our farm animals and our property, but it also

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Letters to Head Start

It’s been far too long since we last saw our Head Start friends at the farm, so we farm folk have done two things to remedy this: We arranged our thirty-nine winter visits to the classrooms – three visits for

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Sasquatch on Catoctin Mountain!

Our newest creature on the farm is the elusive sasquatch! He has been seen lurking near the barn, at the base of the ‘Pine Cathedral,’ where a great many of ThorpeWood’s weddings take place. Though suspiciously immobile whenever we lay

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