Sasquatch on Catoctin Mountain!

Our newest creature on the farm is the elusive sasquatch! He has been seen lurking near the barn, at the base of the ‘Pine Cathedral,’ where a great many of ThorpeWood’s events take place. Though suspiciously immobile whenever we lay eyes on him, he still scares all of us pretty well a few times each day. He arrived slightly before Christmas, an offering from our lovely and crafty neighbor, Barb. Ever since she moved to the neighborhood last year, she has been helping out on the farm and with our Head Start programs. Most notably, she has appointed herself in charge of giving love and treats to our two goats, Flint and Arrow. We are always thankful to have Barb around, but now we cannot help but think of her and her generosity each time we see the eight-foot-tall Sasquatch who she brought to life and released onto our property! Thank you Barb!!