Month: July 2019

Summer Camp 2019 (Part I)

 This year we were happily given a whole six weeks of summer camp with our favorite Head Start friends. So far, we are halfway through and are already filled to the brim with lots of farm fun! Between our Tuesday and Thursday groups, we have around forty kids in the program, in addition to all Read More »

New Story: The Worry Stone

We have a new story! As we are in the middle of our Head Start summer camp, this story is just in time for our upcoming visit to the stream, where we read a story around the fire ring after our morning of splashing in the rapids. This latest book is a special one for Read More »

Thank Yous! (vol II)

With so many humans visiting our farm, we often get such lovely ‘thank yous’ that we just can’t keep them to ourselves! Here’s a compilation of some recent letters of appreciation!   Our Head Start Picnic earned us a lot of love…here is some of it: The picnic was wonderful and enjoyed by all. You, Read More »

Our 12th Annual Trail Run!

All of the loveliness that happens on this farm with our Head Start ‘friends’ – from playing in the stream to riding our horses – is, in part, funded by our annual trail run. To support our programming, and to experience the unmatched beauty of our farm and trails, sign up for this wonderful event. Read More »