Month: July 2013

Come To The Mountain

Remember the intense heat of mid-July?  I know, it seems like a lifetime ago now that we are enjoying such pleasant weather, but just over a week ago, things were HOT!  Record hot, as a matter of fact.  When the temps get that hot, most of us run for the air conditioning; but during that Read More »

Tips For The Trails

As you know, ThorpeWood is hosting its sixth annual trail run on September 1st.  Many of you have participated in this event in the past, either as a runner or a walker.  Our event is encouraging of both runners and walkers, and we strive to make certain that each and every participant has a memorable Read More »

So, Just What Is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning – you might not be aware of exactly what that means.  I mean, everyone loves a good horse activity, right?  So, you might have visions of brushing the horses, feeding them some carrots and apples, and maybe even taking them for a ride.  Great fun, to be sure, but no where close Read More »

The Race Is On!

Although July is only partly over, September 1 will be here before you know it – and do you know what September 1 is?  That’s right – the ThorpeWood Trails 5K Fun Walk/10K Run.  This year’s event looks to be spectacular! You can register, as always, by visiting this website and downloading the registration form.  Read More »