Come To The Mountain

Remember the intense heat of mid-July?  I know, it seems like a lifetime ago now that we are enjoying such pleasant weather, but just over a week ago, things were HOT!  Record hot, as a matter of fact.  When the temps get that hot, most of us run for the air conditioning; but during that week, the YMCA had scheduled a group of school age children to come and spend time at ThorpeWood.  Yes, you read that right – a group of young children scheduled to come spend time – gulp – outdoors during the hottest days of the summer.

Some people would have said, “That’s crazy.  There is no way I am spending time outside on such a hot day!”  They would have stayed indoors, and in the case of kids – probably would have occupied themselves with video games or other electronic forms of entertainment.

But that’s where the glory of the YMCA program comes in.  The wonderful people who run the youth programs for the Frederick County YMCA knew that the mountains – its forest and streams – are the place to retreat to when the thermometer starts to climb.  It’s this sort of “out of the box” thinking, that makes the YMCA a terrific resource for families in our community.  The kids involved with the school age summer program at the “Y” had an unforgettable time at ThorpeWood, and we kept those kids active and not over-heated, without the need of air conditioning or the use of video games!

ThorpeWood’s partnership with the YMCA, and their youth programs in particular, help us to achieve our mission – to provide the bounty of our natural resources to other non-profits and organizations so that they too can benefit from time spent in nature.  This is especially vital for kids, and our relationship with the Frederick County YMCA helps us to reach these kids and allow them the enrichment that comes from our “come to the mountain” philosophy.

Remember that on September 1st, we are having our fifth annual ThorpeWood Trails 5K Fun Walk and 10K Trail Run.  All proceeds from this event will go to help the youth of the Frederick County YMCA “come to the mountain.”  The monies raised will help offset the costs of providing ThorpeWood’s resources to the kids of the YMCA.  These kids will be camping, hiking, fishing, participating in our equine assisted learning program – all through the money raised from this race.  Surely you know a family, or are a family, who uses the Frederick County YMCA?  Think of the benefit your participation in the ThorpeWood Trails race would be to the youth of the Y. 

You can register online at, or print out a registration form from this website and mail it in.  Same day registration will also be available.  YMCA youth, like those kids who spent the hottest days of summer participating in activities that they will never forget, will thank you!

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