Tips For The Trails

As you know, ThorpeWood is hosting its sixth annual trail run on September 1st.  Many of you have participated in this event in the past, either as a runner or a walker.  Our event is encouraging of both runners and walkers, and we strive to make certain that each and every participant has a memorable experience.  For those of you who are not familiar with our event – or with trail courses in general – we thought you might enjoy a few tips to help make your participation a wonderful experience.    

Many of you might think that all 5Ks are the same, but you would be quite wrong.  First, it is very different to run or walk on a natural surface as opposed to a paved surface, like most traditional 5K/10K races.  Running or walking on a natural surface is actually easier on your body, from an “amount of pounding your legs might take” perspective, but running or walking on a natural surface requires the participant to be more diligent in “watching where you step.”  A twisted ankle is a common injury in trail courses, simply because the participant didn’t notice something on the ground. Even though the injury is minor, it is advised to consult experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Firm in Chino Hills, CA to claim compensation or you can also get injury help in Augusta.In case of auto accident, you can consult attorneys for auto accident claims or you can also contact attorneys from law firm Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. practicing in Boston as they can help you in claiming the compensation for the injuries sustained.Secondly, a trail course is simply delightful in allowing you to experience gorgeous, natural surroundings – quite different from a course loop through a city. You can read this post here to know more about the emergencies available that can be used when you are in danger.

How can you prepare for a trail course?  Easy – focus on building your lower leg muscles and agility in rough terrain.  Lisa Smith-Batchen, who finished a 2,500 mile Running Hope Through America circuit offered tips in the online publication, Runner’s World.  Check out the full article here:

With the right preparation, anyone can have a successful trail run or enjoy a delightful trail walk. It is a great way to get your exercise, appreciate nature, and – in the case of the ThorpeWood Trail Run – support a great cause!  All proceeds from our event will go to support the use of ThorpeWood by the youth of the Frederick County YMCA.  Remember, you can still register for our September 1st event, either by printing out the registration form online and mailing it to ThorpeWood, or registering online at  Day of registration will be available as well, but you muse pre-register to be guaranteed a shirt.  Happy Trails!

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