Star Gazing

Star gazing.  It is something that many DC/Baltimore area residents have to forego, the light from these major metropolitan cities, and the countless smaller cities and towns that surround them, can make true star gazing almost an impossibility in certain areas of this region.

But not at ThorpeWood.

The way our property is situated, it makes you feel as if you are hundreds of miles away from civilization, when you are actually only an hour’s drive from these two major cities.

This past April, we hosted a star gazing party at ThorpeWood.  We opened our grounds as the sun was beginning to set and invited the public to come with their picnic baskets laden with dinner, to spread out a blanket and enjoy a meal al fresco while waiting for the evening sky to emerge.


Shortly after nine, our friends from the Tri-State Astronomers set up their telescopes and gave our assembled crowd a discussion about the wonders of the night sky before turning their equipment over to anyone who might want a peek. 


It was truly a magical evening.

Earlier this summer, the “super Moon” phenomenon occurred, which was the Moon’s closest encounter with the Earth in 2013.  There was a beautiful event at ThorpeWood that night – that of Anna and Jim.  They got to experience star gazing at ThorpeWood in an entirely different way – as a backdrop to the start of their lives together. 

Another truly magical evening.

Next Monday, August 12th, is the peak of the Perseids, a meteor shower that occurs each August.  This year’s viewing promises to be spectacular, as the Moon will be safely out of the sky during key viewing times; but experts agree that it pays to start watching the skies a few days before and after the “scheduled” event.  So, plan to spend a few nights in the next week or two watching the skies.  You’re sure to have a truly magical evening of your own, just like so many magical evenings we have had here at ThorpeWood.

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