Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  Whether you think of it as a day to celebrate the labor of others, or a day to celebrate the end of summer, it is truly a day to celebrate!  At ThorpeWood, we like to think of it as both; and for us in particular, the labor that has taken place this summer has been a true reason to celebrate.

ealkidsThe United Way, YMCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters – these are a few of the groups who sent children to use our programs and facilities this summer. For those kids, it was surely part of their memories of the summer of 2013 – and it was for us as well.  But there are a lot of people whose labor helps to make those programs a success, and we celebrate them today.

This summer alone – counting from Memorial Day to Labor Day – twenty-one couples shared the most important day of their life here at ThorpeWood.  For those couples, ThorpeWood will forever be a part of their life story.  And for all of their guests and families, ThorpeWood will be a big part of their memories of the summer of 2013.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of people whose labor helps to make those important days important, and we celebrate them today.barnwedding

This summer, four groups and organizations used ThorpeWood as a site for a meeting, retreat, or activity for their employees, volunteers, students or members.  The time they spent here at ThorpeWood was an integral part in their group operations and undoubtedly, a lasting impression from the summer of 2013.  Any undertaking like that requires a lot of work behind the scenes –  from setting up meeting areas to feeding crowds – and there are many people whose labor helps to make those events work, and we celebrate them today.

And many people closed out the summer of 2013 with a trail run here at ThorpeWood, yesterday.  180 people, to be exact.  We will have a wrap up post about that on Thursday, so be on the lookout for that.  For those people, that experience will be a forever memory of this summer; and a previous post on this blog gave you some insight into the work that goes into a race of that sort.  For all of those who worked on it and who volunteered, we celebrate your labor today.

So, make sure you take time to both celebrate the hard work we all do, everyday; and the fantastic summer we close the books on today.  Make it count.  And, thanks for the memories – summer of 2013.  You were a great one!!

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