Farm Trunks Delivered!

With our classroom visits all wrapped up for the winter, our Head Start preschoolers needed a little something to hold them over until our spring visits to the farm start up. Luckily, we have just thing: our farm trunks! Learn more about our Farm Trunks here. This year, we sent out the following trunks: Horses, Chickens, Bugs, Nature’s Music, Pond Life, Sticks & Stones, Workshop Tools, Flat Fandi, Birds, and Camping. Each classroom received one of these delivered to their doorstep this past Tuesday. When they finish with their trunk after a week or so, they will be able to trade trunks with their fellow teachers. 

We have already received some photos of the kids playing with the trunks and are so delighted by their smiles and enthusiasm. We will post these photos and any others we receive soon!