Farm Trunk Debut

ThorpeWood has debuted our full line of Farm Trunks, which are now circulating between all of the Frederick County Head Start classes. Inspired by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Education Trunks, our trunks cover many farm and nature themes, including Horses, Chickens, Birds, Sticks & Stones, Pond Life, Camping, Bugs, Nature’s Music, and Workshop Tools. Inside each trunk, there are hands-on materials for the children to explore and play with, books for the teachers to read aloud, and a few beyond-the-trunk initiatives. 

These initiatives take the students beyond their classroom walls, into other learning environments. First, on the virtual front, teachers are encouraged to show students the Trunk Playlist – a compilation of ThorpeWood youtube videos that match the trunk’s theme. Second, to get the kids learning outdoors, each trunk has a ‘Get Outside!’ challenge. Depending on the trunk, this challenge might be to go on a rock hunt, create musical instruments from the nature around them, or go bird watching. To encourage participation, each challenge has a corresponding reward – like tree disc necklaces, their choice of virtual guest speaker from the farm, exclusive farm videos, and new ‘flat animals’ for their classroom.

Take a look at our nine Farm Trunks below!




Nature’s Music  Sticks and Stones

Pond Life




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