December at ThorpeWood’s Lodge

As anyone who has been to ThorpeWood in December knows, there is no place as beautifully decorated for the holidays as ThorpeWood’s lodge. Word has gotten around over the past two decades, it turns out. We had so many non-profits and school groups host gatherings in this lovely space during the month of December. First up…

December 1: The Thurmont Business Network had its monthly meeting at the lodge. There was great attendance and a lovely spirit of sharing!

December 3 & 4: ThorpeWood hosted two Holiday Open Houses. Read more about those festive occasions here.

December 5: Middletown Middle School had an intimate Language Arts Retreat in front of our fireplace. Midway through the day, we took them over to the farm to visit with the animals, get some fresh air, and reset.

December 6: ThorpeWood and Mountain Memories had their holiday staff party at the lodge. We enjoyed taste testing a potential new caterer, a Secret Santa gift exchange, and a talent showcase!

December 7: The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education had their first ever Green Careers Event at the lodge. It was a wonderful success – read more about the day here

December 9: The Community Foundation of Frederick County enjoyed our crackling fireplace for a staff retreat.

December 13: The Frederick Saltwater Anglers had their holiday meeting at the lodge.

December 14: Another beautiful private event. The family and friends of Jerome Brown held a memorial service in his honor.

December 16: The Asian American Center of Frederick had a huge Holiday Party with about 70 guests in attendance. They enjoyed a catered meal, dancing, door prizes and other such fun. 

December 18: Another ThorpeWood Holiday Open House. So much fun!

December 20: The Western and North Central Maryland Social Studies Supervisors had a meeting of ~10 folks. They had all been to our lodge before and settled in beautifully, making the space their own.

December 21: 15 Black and African American Studies Teachers from Frederick County Public Schools gathered around our fireplace to relax, reset, plan, and be together outside of a school building.

December 23: A private family dinner and celebration with ~60 folks in attendance!

Holy cannoli this has been a busy month! We love sharing our facilities with non-profits, school groups, and private events, too! If you’re interested in coming to our lodge for any such purpose, please reach out to Julie at [email protected]!