2022 Holiday Open Houses

ThorpeWood was delighted to host three Holiday Open Houses at our lodge this year! Each night from 2-8pm, we surrounded ourselves with neighbors and friends of ThorpeWood. Our 17′ tall Christmas tree, topped by our taxidermied bard owl, dazzled attendees. Live music from local musicians united us in merry spirits. Mulled cider and homemade cookies from attendees delighted our taste buds. Our downstairs filled with crafts and the whole Claus family brought great amusement to visiting children. 

Our bulletin board showcased our programs, with some wonderful hands-on elements (horse tails! feathers! nature art!) that are so key to all we do at ThorpeWood. Many thanks to Clare, ThorpeWood’s community liaison/barn manager, for artfully designing this display! Each night also featured a reading of The Crooked Little Christmas Tree, written by ThorpeWood’s dearly departed matriarch, Sally Thorpe.

Outside the lodge, all was beautifully decorated in the Christmas spirit as well, with our 1951 Farmall tractor dressed up in lights, countless wreaths, twinkle-light lamp posts, reindeer, and more. A little further from the lodge, we also entertained visitors at the farm – allowing folks to join in on feeding and tucking in the animals for the night.

We hope to see all of our attendees again next year, along with new folks, too! Happy Holidays to all!