Category: The Property

Butterflies Flutter By

We have many friends who like to come up to ThorpeWood by themselves – outside of any organized group activity – and spend time in nature.  We always welcome those who are respectfully looking for a place to commune with nature, and we especially enjoy when they have a particular interest which they are pursuing Read More »

A Girl Scout Campout

We had the nicest group come and use our lovely grounds as the site for their spring campout this past weekend!  Girl Scout Troop 2330 from Mount Airy came up to ThorpeWood to spend some quality time in nature, and it was so fantastic having them on the property.  There is something so special about Read More »

Outdoor School Reunion

In the Frederick News Post recently was an article about the annual reunion of the Outdoor School – teachers and students alike – who attended the week-long overnight version of the Outdoor School in Frederick County years ago.  Here at ThorpeWood, we feel strongly that time spent outdoors surrounded by nature is an education unto Read More »

Talking About Toilets…Composting Toilets

Yes, you read that correctly.  Today’s post is all about the composting toilets at ThorpeWood.  Many of you already know that ThorpeWood is a green design building, and that protecting and preserving our natural resources was the driving thought behind the construction of the Lodge.  One of the ways that we help to do that Read More »

Another Snow Day

This has certainly been a winter for the snow lovers among us!  Yes, even Geysir pictured on the left!  Icelandic horses are used to the cold, so they are in their element. Yet again, a significant amount of snow has fallen on Frederick County and the weather is expected to be frigid today.  What more Read More »