Another Snow Day

horsefacesnowThis has certainly been a winter for the snow lovers among us!  Yes, even Geysir pictured on the left!  Icelandic horses are used to the cold, so they are in their element.

Yet again, a significant amount of snow has fallen on Frederick County and the weather is expected to be frigid today.  What more can we say about snow and how ThorpeWood handles snow?  We thought pictures would speak better than words, in this case.  So today, enjoy some beautiful pictures of ThorpeWood in the snow.  It is a challenge to clean up all the snow, that is for sure, but the splendor of our beautiful vistas blanketed by snow?  Completely worth it!

Feeding time for our wonderful herd of Icy’s!


This is a view of our beautiful Bussard Branch and a little glimpse of our picturesque Stone Bridge.



For those of you who have visited the Lodge, you have most likely met our Chocolate Lab, Spinner, the ThorpeWood mascot. She is the official greeter as you enter our Lodge. She so enjoys the snow, as evidenced by her “coat”.

So get out there and make the most of it, friends!