A quick note at the beginning of this post for those readers looking for some information on the ThorpeWood Trails Race.  We are working on the results and will have the link ready for you soon.  Check on our Facebook page, as that will be where we will post the link.  And, we will also have the information available on this website.  Thanks for all of your support!  The race was a great success!

We work with a lot of groups and organizations here at ThorpeWood, and we have spoken about many of them on this blog.  Some groups come here for our Equine Assisted Learning and some come here to hike.  We spoke earlier this summer about a group who came here to learn fly fishing, and we also discussed the graduate students from the Johns Hopkins University who came here as part of a class and that also included camping on our grounds.

Camping at ThorpeWood.  That is what we want to talk about today.

Now, we are not a public camping ground.  You cannot call and book a campsite for your next family camping outing; but, we do encourage nonprofit groups and organizations to come and spend a night under the stars here at ThorpeWood.  This time of year always makes great camping weather, and working a camping overnight into your next business retreat or group outing – that seems pretty perfect.

Picture yourself here:


We try to make it easy for those who choose to camp here.  We have much of the basic equipment to loan:  tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags.  Although mostly wooded, we have open spaces for kite flying, capture the flag, soccer, football tossing, frisbee throwing, or simply star gazing.

campfireWe don’t know about you, but to us, a strategy session by campfire – with smores to boot – that sounds just about perfect.

At a ThorpeWood overnight, you find out what it is like to tell stories and cook on an open fire, pitch a tent and gather firewood and kindling together.  It can take your programming to a whole new level.  And we are eager to welcome you here.

Fall nights and camping.  They go together like, well, like camping and ThorpeWood.

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