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New Farm Story: Meet the Farm

As we prepare to go to Head Start classrooms in the coming weeks, we are so excited to unveil our latest book, Meet the Farm. As these kids haven’t been to the farm since last fall, we doubted how much

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Barn Cleaning Day

​Anyone who has been in our horse barn knows it is the cleanest barn known to man, with each minuscule piece of goat manure picked out of the stalls and every bird dropping scrubbed from the walls and floors. The

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New Farm Signs

​Our farm has recently been adorned with a set of beautiful handcrafted signs! These signs can now be seen around the farm to designate three popular wedding areas: the Pine Cathedral, Dawn Redwoods, and Magnolias. These signs, posted atop old

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Noodle Horse Makeover

Our pool noodle horses are some of our lesser-known herd members, but are part of the family nonetheless. These creatures were brought to life back in the summer of 2017 and have been a part of our programs ever since.

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