YMCA Staff Retreat

ThorpeWood and the Frederick YMCA have a deep relationship that goes back many years. This past week, Tim Dunn of the Y arranged a retreat at ThorpeWood for the executive and managerial staff. The bulk of their day took place at the Lodge, where they discussed Creating an Equitable Y, reviewed their strategic plan, and focused on their high level vision. After all of that deep mental work, we offered a change of pace over on the farm-side.

Once everyone assembled at the gathering rock, I offered an overview of our relationship with Head Start (which is run by the YMCA) and brought everyone around the farm to greet the animals. After this focus on fur and feathers, we offered two parallel experiences. We invited those with bounce, chatter, laughter, and energy to go on an hour hike around the farm. For those ready to be quiet, engaged, and connected with the natural world, we offered a forest therapy walk. Though very different in style and energy level, both activities were engaging and a success. We ended our twin outings at the tipi for a brief tour before retiring at the fire ring for s’mores and closing thoughts.

That evening, we received a kind and thoughtful note from the event organizer, Tim Dunn:

Thank you on behalf of the YMCA for the use and structured programs today. It was a much needed day away for our staff. I think a lot of newer Y staff saw the beauty of Thorpewood and I think we will be more frequent visitors if you will have us.

I truly appreciate your dedication and love of the property and that translates into everything that went on today.

Thank you again.

Thank YOU, Tim and all the folks at the YMCA.