Wholistic Women in the Woods

Oh, what a wonderful day with the Wholistic Women in the Woods! Around 25 ladies gathered in our homestead barn today for a women’s retreat to be inspired and restored. After a brief introduction by the group’s leader, Kelye Brown, the women were set free from their seats to go out…and play! Full-grown women lulled about in the grass kicking balls, throwing frisbees, riding the seesaw, and trying to recapture their younger self’s ability to hula hoop. After regrouping about 15 minutes later, the ladies began a new kind of play called ‘Let Your Yoga Dance,’ which was essentially a yoga class meets dance party. The amount of laughter and silliness that filled the homestead barn was wonderful.

Next up, the women learned about nutrition and wellness under the instruction of Kim Wilson, a holistic coach. Everyone took that talk and information with them to their picnic lunch at the pavilion. Here, everyone sat around at the picnic tables and got to know one another. 

The afternoon began with a creative writing workshop in the pine cathedral with writer Katie Ritter. The women wrote to their past selves, their future selves, or remembered a time they found the strength to handle what had to be done. The women opened their hearts to share their writings and offer support to others.

Next up, I led the women in a forest bathing experience. We started in the dawn redwood trees with a sensory awakening in which we tuned into each of our five senses. We then followed different ‘invitations’ as we strolled through the woods. I was delighted beyond measure to see these adult women spontaneously climbing trees. 

The day concluded with the group coming together to build and enjoy a fire at our fire ring. There is nothing quite like gathering around to enjoy the warmth and dance of the flames. It was a truly wonderful day that we hope to recreate again someday soon!