Visits from Camp Journey

We were so thrilled this month to have our friends from Camp Journey out to our farm. Over the course of the month, four crews of their kids took a little field trip to enjoy our property. Two groups came to feed our animals, go on a night hike and have dinner here. After trekking through the woods armed with flashlights, the hikes ended with two great moments. First, we took 5 minutes to lay down in our big field in silence, just staring up at the stars and taking in the sounds of the night. Afterward, we continued our silence as we made our way to the pond to spy on our beavers. The beavers, accommodating as always, swam to the edge of the pond and allowed the kids to watch them from mere feet away.

Another group of campers came later in the month to spend time with our animals. In addition to helping our barn manager Joy feed everyone in the evening, the girls got to work grooming the horses. This volunteerism was greatly appreciated by us farm folk and the animals, of course! 

The final group of campers came to the lodge on a Saturday to bake cookies! Marie from Tastefully Ever After graciously taught the girls from Camp Journey all about baking and decorating some truly delicious cookies!

We can’t wait to see our Camp Journey friends again soon!