Valentine’s Day

TW Snowy laneIt’s Valentine’s Day – Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! – and our thoughts naturally turn to love.  Of course, here at ThorpeWood, our thoughts turn to you, our friends and supporters, and we enjoy having a day to take the opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate you and to share our thanks.

Our thoughts also turn to this place itself – ThorpeWood.  How lucky we are to work here everyday and support its mission and share its beauty.  Not everyone has access to natural beauty like this on a daily basis.  We love being here, walking the property, caring for the horses, and sharing this natural bounty with you – our friends.

So, on this very snowy Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share some beautiful, snowy pictures that Julie Parlaman snapped of ThorpeWood under a foot of snow!  Even piled under tons of snow, ThorpeWood’s beauty shines through.  In fact, the snow just enhances the glory that is ThorpeWood.

Enjoy, friends, and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

TW snow bridge