Tot Explorers at the Stream

We were delighted to welcome back Adam’s County’s Moms Supporting Moms Tot Explorer group last week. They originally came out this past December for some good old farm fun in the cold mountain winter air. This time around, they enjoyed a wonderful mountain summer day in the stream. We began with a hike down our Coffee Hollow trail (which was quite an adventure for the youngest among us!) before making our way into the stream itself. The children frolicked nicely in the water – finding the prettiest rocks, backtracking up waterfalls, and splashing in the deeper pools.

After a good bout of waterplay, the children retired to the fern-covered shore for lunch. We circled up around a little campfire which moms pulled snacks and sandwiches out of their backpacks. It was wonderful to be still and thoughtful in the middle of the woods in this way. Were the children stunned into silence by the beauty of our mountain that day – or were mouths just filled with sunbutter and gluten-free crackers?

No telling…